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Fiction Films

Feature Films

Ace Queen Jack: The love for another versus the love for one’s art. The concept behind “Ace Queen Jack” came from my own experience and a philosophy course I took. In the course we explored not only the love between a man and a woman but also the love for the arts. I wanted to show through actors the love between two people and through editing and a montage based on rhythm the  love for the arts. I collaborated with many of my close college friends on this project.

Shakespeare In Hell: History teacher wants his students to pay attention to his class and not their English class assignments on Hamlet. The teacher goes back into time to kidnap Shakespeare and prevent him from writing Hamlet. “Shakespeare In Hell” was my first big film. I worked closely with my fellow students and our film teacher Henry Woodward to bring this idea to life. This was the first film I edited.




Short Films

Dewy Frank: Short Film Directed By Andrew Proctor.

The Badge Chasing The Beast: The good cop was betrayed. Now he’s out for vengeance. The editing style of this short film was fast cuts give it a Tarantino look. The directing overview for this short is a 1940’s noir feel.

Messages :Cursed cell phone? Or is someone out to harm this one detective?  “Messages” was a horror film. Camera angles and cuts create suspense and fear. We never see the individual who is coming after the detective.

Possiblity : Short Film 2009